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Neptune: Vulnerability in Natal chart house

In most situations, #Neptune can often show where you’re vulnerable in life because its placement in your #Birthchart shows what you idealize and fantasize about. The dreams and fantasies of Neptune can feel elusive or hard to achieve at times because the hopes and visions you have for your Neptune can be unrealistic or almost too perfect which can bring almost a desperation to achieve that dream. With this, you open yourself up to whatever you think can quench that thirst and just like an open wound, you’re vulnerable and available to things that can harm you.

Examples with random placements:

Neptune in the first house is usually vulnerable to things in their immediate environment (psychic sensitivity to the feelings of other people,these people can also tend to have strong allergies) because they dream of finding themselves-their perception of themselves is often unclear to them as well as other people because they blend in with their surroundings with the hopes of finding themselves. Promiscuity, as well as abuse of drugs and alcohol can be common with Neptune in the 1st house because it serves as an escape from the constant confusion they bring to themselves(not advised though because this lowers your vibration making you more vulnerable to other people [living or dead] than you already are).

A common situation with Neptune in the 5th house is the desire to find the perfect lover with visions and ideas of how your perfect relationship would play out. The moment someone shows a hint of that little dream in your head you immediately project the rest of it onto them and this blocks your vision of who they really are because your mind has almost already made up the kind of person they are with your own vivid imagination but once things finally get to your head you can be left disappointed-Or sometimes the chart holders are simply so hypnotized by their mate that they idealize them and surrender themselves to them in some way.

Those with Neptune in the 8th house can have a desire to connect with the unworldly, the taboo,the hidden or the unseen and this opens them up to what seems like a completely different world that happens to be invisible to everyone else, but somehow hyper-real to the natives and this can come through psychic activity, drugs, or sex but much confusion comes with this placement because it can feel as if they live in two different worlds-the Earth/Physical Plane, and the Astral plane(or if it’s drugs/sex then the world of your personal addictions/desires).

Neptune in the 11th house can make one vulnerable to deception in ones friendships (or deceivers themselves) because of the perfect vision they have of their friends and platonic relationships and the desire to keep that vision spotless.

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