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The good and bad thing about the Zodiac signs

[gotta keep that yin and yang guys, its all about balance☯️]


Passionate and will weave emotion and love into everything they do, however this passion when focussed negatively can be aggressive (however, yours do make life a lot more fiery and interesting)

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Affectionate and loving friends but can sometimes be possessive and jealous (we love yous, trust us, how can we not?)


Likeable and humorous but can come off as arrogant (at least yous are funny tho)


Cancers will make you feel so appreciated and loved but can often be uncommunicative and will isolate themselves (talk to us sometimes guys)


Generous with huge hearts but can be overly self critical leading to sometimes poor self esteem (Leos, you great, we love you)


Always strive and work for excellence but your desire for perfection can jeopardise their happiness (yous trying your best is perfect)


Humble and modest but you often underestimate yourselves and ignore your - usually accurate - intuition (your gut knows what is on about guys!)


Intelligent but this can lead to them being sceptical and distrustful (to be fair, in a world like this I don’t blame you, but just sometimes, people are actually good)


Such genuine and real people but are prone to being argumentative (you stand up for what you believe in which if anything shows how truly authentic you are, but sometimes conflict can be avoided)


Always dedicated and hardworking but remember self care is not a sign of weakness, it will only harm you in the long run if you don’t take time to yourself (remember guys, your dreams will be waiting for your return, now run a bath and put on a facial)


Loyal af but gives too many chances and only ends up hurting themselves (sometimes if a friend is oblivious to their toxic ways, that is a true reflection of themselves and it is okay to let them go)


You have the most beautiful, vivid imaginations but they are not always practical and can be taken for childish (then again, none can dream so well as you, though the real world is not always so lovely)


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