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Gifts to buy for #Scorpio

You'll have to be very cagey to find out what a Scorpio wants or needs. Don't even think about your gift selection in your Scorpio's presence if you want it to be a surprise- almost all  Scorpios have good ESP. 

But back in the privacy of your own home you might decide to give them richly burnished den or fireplace accessories, carved wooden figures, a throw rug or leopard-print pillows. 

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dramatic and mysterious! So consider an Egyptian scarab pin, musky scents in intriguing bottles, games of strategy, detective novels or anything of an occult nature. Also, home workshop items would please these do-it-yourselfers, and an answering ma-chine will suit their private nature. 

They also love clothing of intense color and good quality - with sex appeal; but if you give jewelry or other personal items, forego a monogram or astrological emblem to preserve your Scorpio's desire for anonymity. Since music is a favorite form of escape, they'll love cassettes, CD's and concert tickets. 


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