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How #Scorpio can create more time

Your self-control and resourcefulness make you a winner, Scorpio. Once a goal is in your sights, you leave no stone un-turned to reach it But often you feel you can only make it happen by controlling everything, which can create time-consuming power struggles. 

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1) You're so singled-minded you sometimes refuse to make changes even if every sign says you should. Being more adapt-able and willing to revise if necessary will bring success faster. 

2) You can focus so intensely on what you want that you lose sight of others' needs, then solidarity breaks down. Being a team player will spur everyone to pull together and save time. 

3) Your powerful emotions can easily nurse real or imagined slights, then you fall into the time-wasting game of "tit for tat." Giving others the benefit of the doubt keeps you focused on the goal, rather than on stormy visions of revenge, and puts you on a time-efficient path. 

A passionate Water Sign, you'll benefit from contact with optimistic types who trigger your natural courage and wit... The Fire Signs Aries, Ito, Sagittarius - will bring out your more visionary, expansive side. Viewing the bigger picture helps you see how to get things done faster and amass more "time vouchers" to spend as you please. 


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