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How #Scorpio makes more money

Your Sign. Scorpio. Is directly associated with the Eight House of Shared Finances, Debts and Credit. You have a natural feel for combining talents with others to tum a profit With amazing insight into human nature, you see beneath the surface in business deals, intuitively sensing each person" agenda and timing your moves accordingly. 

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banker or backer will fund your enterprise. When you're passionate about a project, your quiet aggression and determination make you unstoppable. You're often able to command top pay because you're willing to take control of complex situations others flee. You're al so one Sign who thrives under pressure-you always need something against which to pit your mental or physical muscles. Naturally discreet, your ability to keep secrets and negotiate shrewdly are two of your greatest mon-eymaking strengths. Adept at handling other people's money, you excel as an agent or estate guardian where you can maneu-ver fund in powerful ways. 

You build security and useful collateral often by investing in real estate, your home and religiously putting away a per-cent of your income regularly. You prosper most easily when you work with others, as an intermediary or advisor, and in scientific or market research, investigation, law, security, insurance, banking, probate, estate management, psychology and health care. 


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