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How to recapture your #Scorpio youth

You were born with characteristics that put a unique stamp on your personality. Calling up these traits that you later may have suppressed can help you reldndle the zest of youth - and give you an edge in establishing rewarding relationships with Scorpio youngsters. 

Scorpio children love a mystery, but the big puzzle to those around them may be what is going on behind these little ones' intense gaze. They're like still.... ---->>

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     


waters that run deep. And they find it simple to keep a secret, especially if it involves their powerful, private emotions. Strong and resourceful, these tykes play hard, work hard and fight hard. Anyone who crosses them could find out about their fierce tempers and need to get even. 

Adults can help greatly by explaining to them that re-venge really isn't as sweet as to forgive - and forget. It's not easy getting to know a young Scorpio but once you do you'll have a friend for life. Be honest with these tots-they probably can see right through you. 

And since they're intrigued by what makes people tick, help them learn more about human nature - or teat them to a movie or book on science, psychology or the supernatural. And don't forget Hal-loween- it's often their favorite holiday. 


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