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#SCORPIO: How to boost your self-esteem

Your success in life  depends to a great extent on the image you have on yourself. As a Scorpio, you generally project a strong, self-reliant picture to others. But you may not always feel as sure of yourself as you appear. Intense and secretive, you often  hold your cards close to the chest, reluctant to reveal the real you. 

But sometimes playing the role of a loner conflicts with your need for deep emotional involvement, causing you to feel down or blue. 

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1. Communicate your real feelings to someone who under-stands. If that seems difficult, tell your innermost thoughts to a very private diary or journal. 
2. Play up your mysterious Eagle nature, learn magic tricks, astrology, numerology or develop other interests that will link you with people in an intriguing manner. 
3. Or tune in to your intuitive depths: take a class that will help you to develop your impressive powers in the spiritual or religious realms. Your insight and psychic impressions can be extremely valuable to many. 


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