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#SCORPIO: How to enjoy a more romantic vacation

For a vacation you'll never forget, Scorpio, seek out surroundings where your powerful magnetic qualities will shine. You're at your best in settings that exude mystery or intrigue. 

Here, your hypnotic personality will glow casting a spell over your amor, or attracting someone who is ideally suited to you. 














a local seance or to King Tut's tomb in Egypt. You might even want to travel amid nostalgic intrigue on the famed Orient Express or visit the haunts of Sherlock Holmes in England. Another Scorpio, a Cancer or Pisces would make an ideal partner for such an offbeat adventure. 

Since you also adore exploring strange and exotic phenom-ena that reflect your own intense nature, visits to geysers, hot springs, old Indian territories, even active volcanoes should fascinate you. To make the excursion even more memorable, take along an earthy Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. 


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