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#SCORPIO: How to impress the opposite sex

In the battle of love, you are a four-star general, Scorpio, very much in command. You know how to deploy you dynamic personality in order to capture attention- if not love itself. Your need for intense involvement is great. But you passions often smolder underground for longtime before they are revealed. 

You have a gentle, deeply sensitive side, and that can be your most potent weapon in winning warm affection. Your psychic, mystic self is closely in tune with the feelings on others. Reveal more of this side of your nature to the one you have chosen to pursue. 

Full Moon or a sky full of stars. Tune in with eye-to-eye and mind-to-mind contact before you say a word. Let your potential partner know that the Scorpio reputation for sensuality is indeed true, but this does not imply promiscuity. Others are often in awe of Scorpio's strength. Show that you are tender and faithful as well as tough. 

The flaw in your faithful devotion is a tendency to go overboard and become jealous and possessive. Assure your love that not only are you a Scorpio, but also as soaring eagle who will fly with him or her to the heights. If the object of your affection is a compatible Cancer, Pisces, Virgo, Taurus or Capricorn - you will glide comfortably and handsomely together. 


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