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#SCORPIO: How to increase your popularity

Your magnetism and emotional charisma make you an exciting person to know, Scorpio. The aura of mystery and inner power you radiate draws people to you and can generate both social success and rewarding friendships. 

At least, this is the case when you are projecting your positive, upbeat Scorpio traits and toning down less genial qualities. If your popularity is not all you would like it to be, check these points:  --->>

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Are you so secretive that you shut others out, keeping them from really knowing you? Or are you too domineering, trying to run the lives of those who come under your spell? Have you gotten into a rut socially?

 Try to vary your pattern by going off for a week-end, joining a club or meeting new people. Do you use your power to transform others wisely? 

You can bring them either discord or good depending on whether you play the role of the stinging Scorpion or the soaring Eagle, which focuses on your higher nature. When you become the Eagle. you'll know true Scorpio popularity. 


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