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#SCORPIO: How to use your natural talents to Become rich

You driving Scorpios can willingly give your all to attain power and prosperity. To get ahead, use the positive aspects of your natural abilities (and downplay the negative ones): 

■ Become a leader or authority in a career which holds your passionate interest You are most successful when your emotions are deeply involved. 

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     


that requires big plans, intense focus 
and concentration, stamina, an industrious nature - and has element of danger or challenge. 

■ You thrive under stress and pressure, and your need for financial security makes you willing to work hard for it However, be careful not to take a risky job just for the challenge. .

■ Use your interest in finance to reap success in banking, accounting, insurance or investments. 

■ Plus, your shrewdness and secrecy could make you a good detective or law enforcement agent 

■ And your resourcefulness and love for research may spell success in a medical or technical field. 

■ Your desire for power can take you far if you use power wisely - not for revenge or low blows at the competition, but to pursue your goals. 


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