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#Scorpio's instant keys to a better memory

There are many tricks and techniques for sharpening mem-ory power, but not all of them suit you Scorpios. Based on your special traits, here's what will work best for you. 

1) COMPREHENSION- While you can recall facts by memorizing them, you'll remember data more easily if you dig in, study and make the subject really meaningful for you. Recite facts back in your own words or put them to some practical use.  ---->>

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2) NAMES AND FACES- Concentration is the key to quickly recalling the identity of someone new. During an introduction, give your full attention to the person's name and face, repeat-ing the name either to yoursel f or aloud. Imprint the person's face on your mind by noting any features that stand out 

3) KEY WORDS- To recall the main points of a large body of material, write down key words as you read or listen. Taking notes involves both the visual and motor areas of the brain-in fact, just having pen in hand ready to jot things down seems to improve concentration. Experts purport that ginkgo bi loba, estrogen, Vitamin E, choline, gotu kola, Siberian ginseng, amalah and purple sage improve mental functioning. How-ever, be sure to consult your physician before taking any di-etary supplements. 


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