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What kind of #Scorpio lover are you?

Your Scorpio Sun Sign describes your character traits. Your Venus Sign (Constellation in which the planet appears at your birth), shows how you approach romance.

 See which of these Venus/love traits sounds like you: 














complemented  by a mental, analytical approach to romance- you love to talk and share interests and are highly perceptive. You express your feelings well in words and by kind deeds. 

Venus in Libra: Your combination of depth and easy going charm is captivating. Romantic and sensuous, you like to touch and snuggle up close, yet are also discreet. Companion-ship is as important to you as physical attraction. 

Venus in Scorpio: Your super sex-appeal sizzles with intensity. Intuitive and insightful, you sense a lover's moods and know instinctively how to respond. Secretive about your feelings, your eyes says it all. 

Venus in Sagittarius: Your Scorpio depth is brightened with fiery idealism and often spiritual intensity. You're loyal and tolerant and cherish tal Id ng over the day with your loved one, sharing knowledge and discussing views. 

Venus in Capricorn Wary of being hurt, you're cautious about committing. Once you do, you give your soul and are willing to work hard to keep love blooming. 


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