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What makes #Scorpio naturally irresistible?

Because you're an avid people watcher, you Scorpion 'Promoters of Resourcefulness" develop deep insights into human nature. People find your penetrating observations intriguing and wise. You are naturally quiet and unassuming- and never superficial or silly. 

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devastating charisma and a mysterious air others can't resist Your patient demeanor is alluring and your sincerity so disarming that people find you irresistible. 

When it comes to friendship, you favor quality over quan-tity. You take your time getting to know someone new and only when you feel a close bond will you open your heart and express your feelings. Your natural reserve, self-control and depth win respect, and people are eager to be let into your pri-vate world to glmpse your closely - guarded thoughts. 

Your probing mind is drawn to serious and deep topics. You always have extremely well - thought-out opinions based on investigation and carefully researched facts- and you can hold people spellbound with your knowledge. You also have a dry sense of humor and can tell even the most outrageous joke completely deadpan, which often gets your friends feeling up-beat when they are in the doldrums. 


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