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Your perfect valentine, #Scorpio...

is the person: Listening to music, dancing or admiring some-one's artwork or poetry. This individual is the gentle soul with fine hair, dewy eyes and flowing movements. 

Can be found at: A seaside or lake resort, concert or ballet, art gallery, seance, church or on a cruise. 
Like to hear: "There's something about you that fascinates me; 
you're a mystery I would love to solve." 

2020-2021             SEARCH MORE  your Sign            

Small, intimate, candlelit restaurants. This valentine adores delicate dishes, seafood, veal, subtle herbs, creamy sauces and chocolate desserts. 

Will be won by: Meaningful eye contact, gentleness, subtlety, imaginative expressions of love. 
Melts when you: Reveal your secret hopes and fears, show insight into feeling, aura of mystery and fascination with the unknown. 

Will admire: Your strength, self-assurance, sensuality, passion and depth of feeling, aura of mystery and fascination with the unknown. 

Great valentine gift: Scented candles, heart-shaped candy, book of poems, bouquet of baby pink roses. 
(To break the ice, share this article with your prospect). 


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