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#ARIES 2021 Monthly Astrological Review


Last year, 2020, was a big improvement over 2018 and 2019. And 2021 is even better than 2020.

 Two long-term planets – Saturn and Jupiter – were in stressful alignment with you and now they have moved away. Overall health and energy will be a lot better this year: with more energy comes more success.

 There is only one long-term planet – Pluto – in stressful alignment with you, and this has been so for many years. By now you know how to deal with his challenges. This alignment shows much dealing with death and death issues: perhaps surgery or a near-death experience. This seems to involve bosses, parents or parent figures – or people involved in your career. 

Saturn and Jupiter are both in your 11th house of friends this year.


Thus, friendships seem bittersweet. On the one hand, you are making new and important friendships – happy ones – but on the other, there are disappointments with existing friends. You seem to be of two minds when it comes to friends. A part of you wants to cut back here while another part wants to expand this area. More on this later. 

Spirituality has been important in your life for many years. Neptune has been in your spiritual 12th house for many years and will be there for several more. But this year, Jupiter will make a foray into your 12th house from May 14 to July 29. This will be an announcement of things to come. Jupiter will bring an expansion of your spiritual life. Many will meet a teacher – a guru. Many will have spiritual breakthroughs. There will be much progress here. Next year the progress will be even greater, as Jupiter moves into your 12th house on December 30 for the long haul.

Your chart is very interesting this year, Aries, in that all the long-term planets are in the Eastern sector of your chart all year. (This was the case last year as well.) This is unusual. The Eastern sector is the sector that relates to self – to me and my interests – to what I want to do. Relationships are relatively less important. There will be times when the Western, social sector of your chart will be stronger, but it will never dominate. If you can find a lover who gives you independence, the relationship can work. But you need to have your own way these days, and for those of you who are single this can be a problem. 

Your most important areas of interest this year are finance; career; groups, group activities and friendships; and spirituality.

Your paths of greatest fulfilment this year are communication and intellectual interests; friendships, groups and group activities (from January 1 to May 14 and from July 29 to December 30); and spirituality (from May 14 to July 29 and from December 30 onwards).

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  • Ruling Planet – Mars 
  • Career Planet – Saturn 
  • Love Planet – Venus 
  • Money Planet – Venus 
  • Planet of Fun, Entertainment, Creativity and Speculations – Sun 
  • Planet of Health and Work – Mercury 
  • Planet of Home and Family Life – Moon 
  • Planet of Spirituality – Neptune Planet of Travel, Education, Religion and Philosophy – Jupiter


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