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Gifts to buy for #Taurus

Practical Taureans usually already have everything they need. So a luxury item makes the perfect gift especially if it will enhance their appearance, like  jewelry, cosmetics or a gift certificate to a luxurious salon or spa. 

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fragrant perfumes or bath oils are al so good choices, as are music cassettes, CDs or stereo equipment. A good reproduction of an art masterpiece, a subscription to an elegant food magazine, or a picnic basket overflowing with such goodies as chocolate truffles, exotic cheeses and fine wines, will keep you constantly in the Taurus mind. Camping and hiking gear are other good ideas for these outdoor lovers, as are plants of all shapes and sizes. Bulls will love teakwood goblets, sterling silver table accessories and unusual cooking equipment. Also con-sider these sensual delights: satin sheets, furry slippers, a velvet jacket, velour robe or shower massager. Since Taureans crave security, they'd also appreciate a savings bond, stock certificate or a simple gift of money. 


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