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How #Pisces can be a great entrepreneur

With your idealism, intuition and imag-inative flair, you Fishes seem bound for success as an entrepreneur. But when opportunity sails into your life, you sometimes swim away, fearful you're in over your head. 

The secret to your entrepreneurial mastery lies in ..... ----->>>














borrowing certain qualities of the Sign Sagittarius, which rules the career and achievement area of your chart: 

1) Your goal likely is a powerful vision, one you can almost reach out and touch. Focusing more on your specific objective and less on negative input will fuel your faith and help make you a convincing salesperson who motivates others to back you. 

2) Venture out of your own waters—even to distant shores—then mingle and con-nect with new people. Fresh opinions will expand your perspective along with your game plan and prospects. 

3) You're naturally modest and humble. But in the start-up phase of an enterpri se, you've got to be a one-person band—tooting your own horn, fiddling with details, drumming support, including the necessary paperwork (not one of your favorite tasks). 

4) Combining your rich imagination and sensitivity to others' moods and motives with enthusiasm and an adventurous spirit (important Sagittarius traits) is your secret weapon for becoming a &eat entrepreneur. 


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