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How #Taurus can be a great entrepreneur

WITH YOUR DETERMINATION, persistence and charm, you Bulls seem a cinch to achieve success as an entrepreneur. You have an innate money sense and often possess artistic, mu-sical or literary talents that win you acclaim. But when you're ultra conservative, overly patient or take too long to make a decision, you can miss chances to advance. This is especially true when you focus too much on possessions, creature comforts, even cozy old routines. 

The secret to your entrepreneurial mastery lies in borrowing certain qualities from the Sign Aquarius, which rules the career and achievement area of your solar chart 

big picture and list all the ways your product can benefit others. This will push your creativ-ity in inventive new directions and fuel futuristic ideas.

 2) Using your friends and associates as sound-ing boards will help you round out and trust more in your plans. 

3) Expand your connections, including some who area bit unusual, as they will help you see things in new ways. Joining a networking group when you're in the start-up phase will link you to new contacts, bring needed publicity and open doors. 4) Combining your steady, responsible ways with vision and inventiveness (important 

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