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How #Taurus can create more time

Reliability and steadiness make you trust-worthy and much sought-after in worldly matters, Taurus. Your tireless determination to reach a goal has elevated you to MVP status on many a winning team. But some-times, inflexibility  causes you to stick with unworkable objectives. Then, time is wasted that could be better spent on other things. 

To free up more time, develop your hidden strengths- adaptability, creativity, expressiveness-by doing the following 

1) the way you focus on .... ----->>>

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one thing until its done is admirable. But if you feel "stuck? you'll get a fresh perspective and be more productive by switching to other projects that need finishing. 2) You often ignore your own brilliant ideas, feeling deep down that old, proven ways are best. Trusting your imaginative concepts will spur time-saving methods. 3) You're wonderfully self-sufficient but doing more brainstorming could reap tips on how to get jobs done faster and make you more time-efficient. 

A practical Earth Sign, you'll benefit by associating with more spontaneous, mental types because they offer you food for thought and spur you to break outdated rules you've set for yourself. The Air Signs 

Signs—Gemini, Libra and Aquarius–are idea-driven and will inspire you to change your way of doing things. With more ingenuity, you’ll get things done faster and rack up more “time vouchers” to enjoy as you please.


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