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How #Taurus makes more money

Your Sign is directly associated with the Second House of Money and Possessions, Taurus, and you have a natural talent for financial management, approaching it almost as an art. You have good taste and an eye for quality, and you often prosper by putting a creative flourish on an existing product or service. 

Being a fixed Sign, your ability to hold to your .... ----->>

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vision until it becomes a reality is one of your major success keys. You’re also practical and willing to save as long as necessary to buy items of superior quality or to accumulate the down-payment for a house or business. And, your persistence through hard times builds slow but sure financial success. 

Naturally patient, you enjoy collecting things that appreciate in value, such as land, art or jewels, and you’re usually rewarded with high returns over time. You have the endurance to work hard and persevere when others quit, but won’t hesitate to leave for more affluent pastures if you sniff out greater potential. Even though you’re steadfast, a willingness to change your investment strategy as the financial climate shifts is key to added gains. 

You’re also known to have steady nerves and a poker face, which helps you amass wealth through skillful negotiations or risk-taking. You prosper most easily in banking, accounting and securities, as well as in people-oriented or artistic fields such as decorating, graphic design, fashion, beauty, music, flowers and food.


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