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How #Taurus makes the workplace work best

You determined Bulls can feel frustrated when you're job doesn't allow you the time to fully develop your solid ideas. Whether commerce, beauty or art are involved, you are most comfortable with long-term projects. 

Here's how you can best influence .... ---->>

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others to make your workplace work for you. Superiors: Your loyalty, financial savvy and practical thinking give you an edge in appealing to VIPs. But to be really influen-tial, don't be too predictable. Surprise deci-sion-makers now and then with your ability to sense coming trends and adapt them. 

Co-workers: Your efficiency and system-atic order readily convince others that they can rely on you to get things done on time. But charm and graciousness will al so go a long way towards winning cooperation from job mates. Don't be so fixed in you habits that you are closed to other ideas; working in partnership with associates can be lucky for you, Taurus. And, be willing to adjust to a rigid schedule if needed. 


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