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How #Taurus stays on a winning track

Powerful, determined and possessing a strong constitution, yours is the Sign of en-durance, Taurus. While some members of the zodiac may move faster, you slowly but surely reach the finish line, pushing on even when exhausted. 

To stay productive and maintain stamina, however, it is crucial for you to .... ---->>

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balance your daily activities with occasional time-outs from your hard-driving, no-nonsense approach. More than most, you need equilibrium-restoring social times and merriment to keep your spirits up and your momentum strong. Your productivity soars in beautiful, peaceful surroundings. 

Pleasant decor, fragrant fresh flowers on your desk and comfortable clothing are essential to keep you focused on accomplishing your objectives. When pressure builds, you'll find that two heads are better than one. Brainstorming with a partner is the quickest route for you to find your way around obstacles. During the workday, you'll keep your energy levels at peak by eating lighter lunches, rather than heavy foods, and focusing on cheerful conversation with a colleague. 

You're more apt to stick with an energy-boosting exercise regimen when you do it with a workout buddy and the program incorporates music or dance. Also, the latest in motivational tapes and books will help keep you going strong and travelling a winning track.


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