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How to handle the #Pisces boss

Creative, artistic and humanitarian, the Pisces executive will put you on a pedestal if you, too, are creative and able to contribute valuable ideas and show you are compassionate and caring. 

You could even acquire sainthood if you also provide backup with facts, figures and organizational ability—areas where the executive often prefers to delegate. 

The Pisces boss is ..... ----->>>

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     



visionary and almost always cooking up wondrous dream plans, but needs encouragement to come down from the clouds and put it into action. 

The employees who can provide the support and inspiration that motivates Pisces to get started will be indispensable. Sensitive to other people's needs, this boss is considerate and ready to offer help with your ups and downs in your personal life.  Pisces needs time alone, yet finds it hard to say "Non to requests—if you can shield this person from intrusions and begging tales of woe, you'll be forever appreciated and protected under a generous, sympathetic wing of undying loyalty. 


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