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How to recapture your #Taurus youth

You were born with characteristics that put a unique stamp on your personality. Call-ing up these traits that you later may have suppressed can help you rekindle the zest of youth- and give you an edge in establish-ing rewarding relationships with Taurus youngsters. 

As natural charmers, Taurus children capture hearts easily with .... --->>

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their warmth, affectionate natures. Some are so talented in music or dance that their parents eagerly seek out talent agents, as in the budding career of Taurus child star Shirley Temple. Certainly many of these children become stars in their own families, beguiling every-one with their dimples and precocity. But behind their lollipop smiles lies a stubborn determination. Adults are often aghast to see these amiable tots turn into enfants terrible, exploding in a Bull-like rage - or with heels firmly planted in the ground, simply saying "No!" These displays are most likely to occur when their territories or toys are threatened. Naturally possessive, Taurus tykes need to learn to share. The best approach with them is to avoid confrontations and provide healthy outlets for the expression of their talents. And, because they love ease, com-fort and good food, a restaurant visit can win . 


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