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How to win a #TAURUS heart at christmas

Here's the Taurus version of the ideal holiday celebration. Follow these simple suggestions if you want to delight a typical Bull. Let tradition be your guide when deciding on food, activities, gifts and decorations. 

family feast An elaborate old-style menu with several courses and all the trimmings will thrill this hearty eater. Bring out your best china and silver to satisfy Taurus love of luxury. Also accent aesthetic and sensuous elegance in gift wraps and decorations. 

Any present you select should be beautiful, personal-ized, wonderful to touch - and expensive. Jewelry, cologne, flowers or plants, satin sheets, even gifts of music or art are ideal. So is money. Or try sports equipment for these outdoor lovers. 

And Taurus will adore pleas-ant, slow-tempo events and entertainment A family sing-along around the piano, a colorful video, even a relaxed drive through the countryside to grandmother's house will appeal to them. In all you do, encourage your Bulls fine talents; that, and plenty of affection, will win you a place in Taurus' heart forever. 

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