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Is ideal love on #Taurus' horizon?

Your alluring appeal, enduring loyalty and classic tastes make you the Rolls Royce of love, Taurus. Because you woo an amor in a cozy setting replete with gourmet fare and other sensual pleasures, he or she invariably falls under your spell. But often, you favor form over substance, caring more about how a lover behaves or whether he or she showers you with material trinkets than the depth of his or her feelings. 

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Aquarius, things are changing in a deep part of your being-your tender heart. 

Many times over your lifetime, you've been unyielding in love and resisted changing your pattern to accommodate your amor. 

Now you're becoming more flexible and spontaneous. As you give your impetuous side freer rein, the more cooperative and progressive part of your nature is growing increasingly apparent- and appealing- to your beloved. Instead of insisting on things being done your way, you're willing to let your special someone have more say. By assuming more responsibility for your loved one's happiness, you are drawing closer to fmding and holding on to the ideal love you've dreamed of. 


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