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#Pisces and the opposite sex

Pisces men: You have a dream image of what a woman should be. She will have to be someone very special, indeed, or else she may be just one more disappointment. She should be nice to look at, sweetly romantic, and sensitive to your moods and feelings. 

You will think .... ----->>

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     



you have found her many times before she finally arrives. Because you are such an incurable romantic, you teat all women with thoughtful kindness and they love it You might suffer along the way, but you're optimistic enough to know that dreams have been known to come true. 

Pisces Women: Imaginative, sensitive and giving (sometimes to the point of self-sacrifice), you can always find time to listen to your lover's problems. If he ever gets sick, you'll tenderly bring him back to health, reading poetry by his bedside or dispensing homemade chicken soup. Men are power-fully attracted to your modest style. Your ideal mate will be strong enough to shelter you from some of life's more unkind mo-ments. He must also never take advantage of you or betray your trust, and he should be able to give you the same vast amount of love you're willing to shower upon him. 


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