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#PISCES: How to deal with anger and stress

Your Pisces anger, slow to be aroused, often becomes a torrent of nervous irritably when expressed. Combine psychological techniques with astrological insights to turn this stress i nto energy that can fuel your success. Here are ways to deal with anger constructively: 

... Notice whether you are expressing anger in indirect ways such as giving others the silent treatment, acting confused, procrasti-nating or evading duties. 

... Increasing self-esteem can help you bring .... ---->>














sensitive issues into the open and defuse them. 

... You gain self-esteem when you program yourself with positive self-talk Say, "I feel good about myself and am handling this sit-uation well." ... Instead of feeling angry when others don't live up to your expectations, adjust these ex-pectations to the reality of the situation. 

... To become more in touch with this reality, communicate with others about what can be reasonably expected of them. Don't just guess or hope. 

... When upset, calm down by listening to quiet music, enjoying art or appreciating the beauty of nature. 


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