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#PISCES: How to tap your moneymaking powers

You have untapped moneymaking skills you can profitably put to use, Pisces. You've probably been told the best ways for you to get ahead is through your sensitivity and imagination in the creative arts or by helping and inspiring others. 

All of this is true, but here's how you can cash in ... ---->>>

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     



on some lesser-known Piscean earning talents. Not often mentioned is your natural knack for leadership, pioneering new concepts, law and order. Your concern for people enhances your skill as a leader. Study the careers of George Washington, Andrew Jackson and Edward Kennedy to see how to apply these Piscean traits. Or try using your pioneering spirit to advance new theories that can aid mankind, as did Copernicus, Alexander Graham Bell and Albert Einstein. 

A peace lover, you also are good at keeping it, as was legendary lawman Wyatt Earp. Whatever you do, you are better at conceiving and pro-moting important ideas than most people realize. You'll succeed when you learn to turn your dreams into realities. 


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