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#PISCES: Secrets for making your wishes come true

You Pisces have an abundance of creativity and imagination for realizing your goals. But with your sensitive, compassionate nature, you often put others' needs before your own, get sidetracked and lose your motivation. 

Being practical and organized in pursuing realistic goals is your ... ---->>>














prime secret for achieving your dreams. Using your power-ful ability to visualize what you desire on a daily basis helps you stay on course. Your best assets to apply are your natural flair for the arts, intuitive understanding of others and faith in the future. 

Luckiest associates for you are down-to-earth, practical individuals who give you a sense of security. Companies, people and environments that scatter their interests and waste time tend to make you lose focus and sway of course. Avoid also those who are too dominating or talkative, leaving you no time for yourself. You are most likely to profit from taking risks that involve real estate, family members, advising and nurturing others, or your intu-itive sense of what the public wants. 


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