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Signs of lasting love for #Taurus

You maybe intensely attracted but incom-patible in the long run with some Signs. Your chances for an enduring relationship are outlined below: 

ARIES: They dance to a faster beat than you. The sensuous Taurus tango isn't the Ram tempo. 

TAURUS: Delightful contentment or locked-horn combat. Works if you both accent your easy going side. 

GEMINI: Aflirty Twin may be too ----->>

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variety-minded for your loyal nature. Don't lose your heart. 

CANCER: Loves home and family as much as you do. A cozy companion for a long-range association. 

LEO: Will want too much devotion and compliance from you. And neither of you is apt to give in! VIRGO: They'll understand your money and material desires. A compatible partner in every way. 

LIBRA: Not the pushover you think Libra charm can mask a basic bossiness you'll want to resist SCORPIO: You'll be drawn magnetically, but huge battles can erupt with this intense powerhouse. SAGITTARIUS: They fill from here to there; you seldom change your pace. Not much of a chance. 

CAPRICORN: A sure and reliable romance that may lead to riches. You two speak the same language. 
AQUARIUS: Your patience could be strained to the limit by this unpredictable type. Expect quakes. PISCES: You’ll tenderly protect this sensitive and romantic soul. A warm, loving relationship.


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