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Smart talk: #Taurus' verbal advantage

Relationships are often made or broken by one's conversational style. It's not just what you say, but how you say it Through you Bulls are loyal and caring, your talk may be slow to expose the depth of your feelings. 

Here are some tips from communication experts that are especially attuned to you Taurus

Because your conversational style tends to be deliberate, you may be cut off by .... --->>>

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quick-talking types. Watch your pacing and pauses. Conversation is a turn-taking game. If you leave long pauses, another is likely tojump in before you can complete your thoughts. It's okay to say, "Let me finish what I was telling you." Get your intentions across, Taurus. 

An exchange can end in a deadlock if you try to reach agreement with one who hasn't heard all your points. Practice emotional openness. If you're slow to disclose how you feel, associates may see you as uncaring. When you just can't get feelings into words right away, stave off trouble with a here-and-now disclosure, such as, "I'm too upset to talk about it right now." 


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