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#TAURUS: Better communication for success

Good communication is one of the best tools for getting ahead for you determined Bulls. By using your Taurus Solar Chart wisely, you can say the right things in just the right way to key people. 

Since Cancer in your chart is associated with communication, you can soften Bull-headed ways thru Cancer kindness, sensitivity and emotional awareness on the impact of your words. 

By applying the traits of the Signs in your Solar horoscope associated with the people most important in your life, you can favorably impress each of these types: 

BOSSES: In making requests or putting ideas across, use .... ---->>

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Aquarian foresight and vision. Accent what is original, unusual or for the good of all involved. 

CO-WORKERS: Using Libra-like tack and charm when airing ideas will win over job-mates. Being able to see both sides of a ques-tion removes roadblocks. 

PARTNERS: A Scorpio-like sharing of resources and ideas will gain cooperation from your mate. And, passionate love talk can be especially effective. 

FRIENDS: To win popularity at social events and among friends, discuss ideals, dreams or interests in the arts. An air of Piscean mys-tery can be intriguing. 


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