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#TAURUS: Four ways to improve your relationship

You're a loyal, affectionate lover, Taurus, and seldom stray. But keeping love aglow may need special attention. Here are four ways to improve relationships: 

1. GOOD COMMUNICATION is always vital. You Bulls sometimes assume a loved one knows how much you care. To relate 

best, a sentimental card, note or word is often needed to put a new spark in those old feelings. 


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you love dining out and good com-pany, but mental stimulation and sharing ideas or work experiences with an amor is also important. Plays, movies and cozy fireside chats are good preludes to warmer moments. 

3. COOPERATION BETWEEN PARTNERS means checking any possessiveness or power drives. Even efforts to subtly manip-ulate one another must be recognized and addressed for you to be really happy. 

4. Your GOALS IN LIFE are deeply felt, but best expressed in the company of a kindly, compassionate mate who cheers you on. Then for love to thrive, it's up to you to make those dreams come true. 


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