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#TAURUS: Have you found your true love

Once you fall in love, Taurus, your devotion is deep. Even if you give your heart to the wrong person, you seldom retrieve it with ease. With such loyalty, you deserve an amor who sincerely appreciates you. 

To determine this in advance, ---->>

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put a check beside the qualities that apply to your potential mate:  Understands and appreciates your economy of effort.  

Realizes that Rome wasn’t built in a day; possesses patience.  Doesn’t nag you about your diet or exercise.  Has a green thumb with plants.  Enjoys music and art.  Likes you just the way you are and wouldn’t presume to try to change you.  

Is sensible with money.  Prefers the country to the city.  Believes in home, family, marriage – all the traditional values.  Has a record of loyalty in relationships.  Enjoys sensuous lovemaking in romantic surroundings.  Was born under the Sign of Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn or Pisces 8–12  Great match 5–7    Lukewarm prospect


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