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#TAURUS: Have you a secret fear of success?

Steady, tenacious and usually quite talented, you seem to be a surefire candidate for success, Taurus. But you Bulls have been known to drop out of the race to smell the flowers rather than pursue your full potential. Subtle psychological fears often underlie such contrariness. Indeed success may secretly frighten you because of ..... ----->>>

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what it can entail. 

You love a comfortable tranquil existence and might fear that too much will be demanded of you on the competitive path upwards. You may even pass up a job or promotion if you believe it will require a hard-driving attitude or fast-lane lifestyle. In fact, upward mobility itself may seem threatening to you if it means leaving your present security behind for an unknown future. 

Though often creatively gifted, you're apt to fear the lean years that usually precede a big break in the arts. But when you recognize and confront these negative attitudes, you'll be on your way towards developing a healthier attitude about the future. 


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