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#TAURUS How to boost your self-esteem

Your success in life depends to a great extent on the image you have of yourself. As a Taurus, you generally project a sure-and-steady image to others. But you may not always feel quite as sure of yourself as you appear. Because material success is so important to a Bull's feelings of self-worth, amassing money and possessions can be a major preoccupation. But if your financial schemes don't land you in the lap of luxury, you needn't feel down in the dumps. 

Give your self-esteem a boost with these three positive things that all of you Bulls can do to feel - and be - more successful.  ---->>

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1. Understand that not everyone shares your high regard for money and material objects. Many esteem you for what you are, not just for what you own. 

2. Invest in your real interests and talents as well as in high interest-bearing accounts. Have you nurtured and developed your musical skills or other artistic gifts? These could pay off in great satisfaction as well as future income. 

3. Count the blessings you have and be thankful - a sure way to boost your sense of prosperity. 


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