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#TAURUS: How to cope with changes in your life

Your need fora solid, steady lifestyle can make big changes especially stressful for you Taureans. Most likely to be challenging for you now are relationship adjustments and the evolution- or revolution- in your belief systems, philosophy or long-range plans. 

Here are some practical tips to al leviate stress and make such changes with the greatest success: 

1. Be open to improvements in relationships rather than insisting on maintaining the status quo. 

2. Take pressure off your partner by not .... ---->>

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expecting him or her to meet all your emo-tional needs. 

3. The fear that you may not find another partner or amor is no reason to remain in a hurtful union.

4. If a relationship ends, don't give up on love or tell yourself there is something wrong with you. 

5. New ways of thinldng and objectives will be easier to achieve if you avoid trying to defend them; you need not justify changing your views toanyone. 

6. A daily period of meditation can relieve stress, break-up patterns of worrisome thoughts and evoke insights that logical thinldng may have missed. 


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