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#TAURUS: How to enjoy a more romantic vacation

Start off, Taurus, by seeking out tasteful surroundings that reflect your love of beauty, art, music, good food or the grandeur of nature. You're at your best in a setting that appeals to your strongly sensuous nature - and your obvious delight will spread to your amor or attract someone who is ideally suited to you. 

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intriguing restaurants where you can indulge your gourmet taste. Or head for a country inn and savor the scent of fragrant gardens. Your love for the land also suggests visiting a farm or dude ranch, perhaps even a national park. Another Taurean, a Virgo or Capricorn would be the perfect partner for such an earthy outing. Treat your artistic side to a tour of art galleries or colorful amusement parks. After dark, you can restore your soul by watching an opera or concert with someone delightful at your side. The ideal companion for such an enchanting fling would be a sensitive and deeply-feeling Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. 


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