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#TAURUS: How to impress the opposite sex

The lucky person who receives your affection, Taurus, should be prepared fora slow, deliberate campaign rather than a fast and furious assault. Your favorite tactic is to progressively weaken a prospective amor with a steady stream of generous gifts that delight the senses and eventually erode all resistance. 

To increase your odds of winning, emphasize your ...... ----->>>

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stability, money sense and warm, sensuous nature. Ply your love with gourmet meals and luxurious evenings. Daz-zle with soft lights, sweet music and glam-orous surroundings. Replace cost-cutting and bargain hunting for shopping sprees. Go first-class. Whiz your love around town in a shiny sportscar or limo, even if you only rented it. Send fragrant flowers, silks and satins, and tease with tidbits for the taste buds. 

Give the impression that you will always provide - or enjoy- the good life (You will if you put your Taurus talents to work). Whisper words of love in your relaxed, melodious voice. Talk about your invest-ments and that home you own or will own someday. When you say always, you gen-erally mean it, so make sure you've found a truly compatible love. Then go for broke, even though that's the last thing you're likely to be. If you're banldng a prospect who was born under a practical Earth Sign like yourself (Virgo and Capricorn) or a Water Sign like Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, then you’ll really be in business.


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