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#TAURUS: How to increase your personal magnetism

Some people compellingly draw others to them through the power of their personality. Others fail to achieve the happiness they deserve because they have not fully developed their own personal magnetism. 

If you are one of the latter, here are a few valuable 

tips. As a Taurus, ... ---->> 

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you tend to be affection-ate but passive, content to enjoy your ease and let others make the first move. There is a hidden side of you, however, that when activated can add new force to your people power. Allow the more active, assertive, uninhibited elements of your personality to emerge. Don't wait until your natural drive explodes like the fiery aggression of a charging Bull. 

Release this powerful energy a bit at a time in a ready smile, an extended hand, a bright conversational opener, even a flirtatious glance. If attracted to someone, move quickly to show it Tone up with regu-lar exercise or sports: you'll feel more alive and outgoing if you do. Observe Aries people around you: their genial warmth is just what you need to bring out your eager, aspiring self. 


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