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#TAURUS: How to increase your popularity

With your sympathetic nature and enduring loyalty, you can be a true and devoted friend, Taurus. Your hearty appreciation for art, music, good food and good company can make you an appealing, sought-after guest or host at social gatherings. At least, that is the case when you are projecting your positive, upbeat Taurean qualities and toning down less amiable traits. 

But to increase your popularity, .... --->>

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you need to escape from routine and be more adventuresome by attending parties, dances and other events and malting new contacts. Cultivate some fresh interests that add zest to your person-ality; master a new language for example, or travel, study history, art or music, even learn a new sport. Greater flexibility in your views al so can help win friends, just as a stubborn need to be "right" can drive them away. Also learn to give of yourself a flower you have grown or an hour's sincere attention may please a pal more than costly material gifts. It's all part of the formula for real Taurus popularity. 


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