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#TAURUS: How to make your love life more fulfilling

No one could ask for a more loyal lover than you faithful, dependable Bulls. But because you hold to such a steady path, it can be-come a rut. You need to inject some variety and spontaneity into your love-making if you expect to keep your amor intrigued. 

It's true you can be a warm, passionate lover. You have .... ---->>>

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what it takes to cast a sensuous spell - your caressing voice and soft, loving touch can thrill another, and you know how to create magical romantic settings with fine food and good times. But overindulgence in these pleasures al so can be your downfall, causing a lack of depth in your alliances. 

With your eye for elegance, you are able to select the perfect gifts as tokens of your affection. While this is pleasing to an amor, your tendency to try and buy love can be a turn-off if directed towards someone who does not want to be owned. Avoid resorting to such tactics and you can take title to a re-lationship that's solid gold. 


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