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#TAURUS: How to overcome relationship challenges

You Taurean are ruled by the planet Venus, the goddess of love in Greek mythology. This makes romance especially important to you. A loyal and affectionate lover, you have great appeal as a mate. In your case, however, Venus also represents money and possessions, which Too 0ften leads you to equate love with ownership. 

This can cause .... ---->>

real problems of jealousy and possessive-ness or attempts to "buy" love that should be freely given. You also can become fixated on a person who is not really right for you due to your Bull-like determination toget what you want. 

To overcome this relationship challenge, focus more on the other person's needs and desires instead of trying to dominate. Let love blossom naturally - or not at all. 

Keep in mind, with your strong, rigid temperament, more flodble types may be wary of you. Thus, you can wind up with an equally rigid and stubborn mate who has a personality discordant to yours. To avoid endless rifts and stalemates, Taurus, don't just charge blindly into an alliance. But if you are presently in a match that isn't work-ing, don't let your aversion to change prevent you from letting go. 

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