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#TAURUS: How to stay on the right course to success

Astrology can help keep you on track in pursuing career, love or money success, Taurus. Your natural strength and determi-nation can be enhanced by certain people, attitudes or strategies that further your quest. 

In your career, you Bulls .... ---->>

2020-2021             SEARCH MORE  your Sign            

will benefit through objective thinking, futuristic plans, using technology and links with Libra ns and Aquarian. Focus more on socializing, meet-ing new faces, original ideas and surprise moves. To advance in romance, try emulat-ing Virgo's flexibility or Scorpio's passion. Also try helpfulness, sensitivity, love notes and sultry glances. Love will last if you focus on what to share and not on what you own. 

To help your money fortunes maintain a steady upward climb, keep well informed and open to new opportunities and consider import/export pursuits. A lecture, news item, long-distance call or dealings with a Gemini or Sagittarius al so could profit you. Combine these factors with your steady, re-liable ways for the key to fabulous success. 


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