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#TAURUS: How to tap your moneymaking powers

You Bulls have strong moneymaking know-how, but you may not have tapped your lesser-known earning sldlls yet You've probably been told the best way for you to get ahead is through your practical savvy,  financial flair or musical or artistic talents. 














fiscal success in the world of communications. Study how Taureans Mike Wallace, Orson Welles and Edward R. Murrow made their marks in broadcasting, or how fellow Bull William Randolph Hearst built a newspaper empire. 

The literary triumphs of William Shakespeare and Robert Browning also may offer clues. If you prefer to get your mes-sage across with humor, comedians Carol Burnett and Don Ric Ides attest to the Taurus funnybone. Whatever you do, you're more adept than most people realize at marketing your abilities with a resume or phone call. You fail only when you resist taking steps to-wards a more profitable career. 


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SOLAR RETURN CHART BASIC : from first house to 12 house

From year to year,  the Sun passes through the  Solar return chart  in a clockwise direction, falling into every third house for those people who remain in the same location.  SOLAR RETURN CHART BASIC : from first house to 12 house  1ST  ||  2ND  ||  3RD  ||  4TH  ||  5TH  ||  6TH  ||  7TH  ||  8TH  ||  9TH  ||  10TH  ||  11TH  ||  12TH  || -    - For example..  the  Sun in the 1st house  in this year's solar return will probably  move  up to the  10th house  next year,   Assuming certain conditions: the individual must remain in the same location and this location should not be too far north or too far south in terms of latitude. The following year, the solar return Sun will move to the  7th house , and then into the  4th house  the next year.  -  ADVERTISEMENTS  - 

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  This is often a year of tremendous change .  It is common for individuals with an 8th house Sun to change their lifestyle completely during this year.  The emphasis is on radical change.    Usually, there is at least one major change during the year accompanied by many minor changes. Mental stress can result  . 

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