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#TAURUS: How to use Your natural talents to grow rich

You money-minded Bulls will persist 'till the cows come home. 

To achieve success, use the positive aspects of your natural abilities (and downplay the negative ones): 

■ You'll fare best in an occupation that rewards steadiness, endurance and fol-low-through rather than competition, fast action or constant innovation. 

Also, choose a field in which you'll handle .... --->>

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money or be around it. Your fiscal savvy will thrive in banking, financial planning or shrewd investments. 

■ Or use you artistic lmow-how to create, promote or sell fine jewelry, art works, cosmetics, clothing, home furnishings or fashion accessories. 

■ And, trade on your pride of possession by collecting paintings, Oriental rugs, antiques or other items that will in-crease in value over the years. 

■ Let the earth make you rich: invest in land, agriculture, tree farms, mining or oil wells. 

■ Use you natural caution to stay away from risky deals, pie-in-the-sky schemes or heavy debt. 


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