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#Taurus' irresistible romantic powers

Your devotion is like a Rolls-Royce, Taurus - steady and reliable, luxurious in style and built to last forever. Loyal and determined, you pursue a potential partner earnestly and are as generous as a maharajah in your efforts to win the object of your affection. In fact, you sink so much of value into the hunt that once you've landed your prey, you can become a tad possessive. 

However, consistency, devotion, perseverance and stability are your most irresistible traits. But to prevent your romantic game plan from becoming predictable, be open to .... --->>

2020-2021             SEARCH MORE  your Sign            

suggestions of new places to visit so you don't fall into a dating rut. If you're getting nowhere with a particular individual yet find your Taurus determination is on autopilot propelling you down the same dead-end road, exit at the nearest off-ramp and search for more fruitful romantic routes to explore. 

One of your greatest charms is your distinctive voice- you're irresistible when uttering warm words of appreciation. Use your flair for gourmet food to attract a sen-suous type who shares your enjoyment for fine dining. If you're a typical Taurus, you'll be a top player in the Monopoly game of life, steadily acquiring assets. Advance past "Go" and collect true love by sending enough flowers to fill a room, but not grasping the bloom of love too tightly. Once you’ve found someone to match your loyalty, you can make romance a perennial.


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