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#TAURUS: The key to compatibility with each sign

With fiery Aries, you can share art, your dreams and ideals, even though the Ram marches toa quicker beat. Join another Bull for good food, solid pleasures, gardening, money talk. 

Taurus and Gemini are both genial types at heart; your warmth and their breeziness make fair weather. Cancer and you share a love of security and cozy cottages for two: a long-lasting duo. 

Both you and Leo are born .... ---->>

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romantics capable of enduring love. Practical Virgo is an alter ego for your down-to-earth, methodical side; a natural ally. Sing, dance, paint with Libra; you'll draw out one another's artistic nature. A common link with Scorpio is your mutual strength and financial savvy: a dynamic pair. Sagittarius enjoys indulging in the good things of life as much as you do; cele-brate together. Capricorn shares your cau-tious, steady, forward-moving pace; you two can make great strides as a team. You and Aquarius are both warm, ldnd and creative despite your many differences. With Pisces, deep feelings and a shared love of music can be a binding tie. 


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